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Ulduar T8.5 Guide
dombnexenDate: Monday, 2018-11-26, 7:58 AM | Message # 1
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Tactics for First Wing Bosses :

1 - G.R.D lan 2.0 : The general thing you need to look out for is mainly just 3 things which is The Bombs, The Thunder Clap Cast and The Scrap Bots. If you're a melee Dps you need to move so you don't get hit by the Thunder Clap . The bombs will come to a location randomly when they're summoned so you need to move to judge em. At the third Thunder Clap Cast, the Scrap Bots will appear which need to be killed ASAP before they reach the boss so they wouldn't heal the boss.

2 - Jeff : A massive AoE damage is required in here. The priority is always ads then boss. A tank's essential job in here is getting the mobs aggro and gather em so the Rdps + Mdps can take em out in time. The Imps give boss extra health and void walkers reduce the amount of the damage that the boss take thus making em priority to anything else. The other mobs that get summoned are Succubus, Felguard and Felhunter. Felguard makes the boss immune to damage and Felhunter heals the boss. This proves the point of ads being a priority. 1 tank might miss the mobs and can't hold of all aggro so an OT is required so can take the rest of the mobs and To taunt the Felguard out of the boss radius so it doesn't get the buff. last bot not least, the AoE Spell casts: The Shadowbolt Valley + Inferno + Rain Of Fire. You just have to run from them but Shadowbolt Valley Is a oneshot for anyone who's there so .

3 - Jesper : This boss needs an interupter + 2 tanks. The Boss' main cast is Pyroblast which gives a boss a temporary shield which Dps needs to take out and then interupt the Pyroblast cast on the last second. The tanks need to switch after 4 stacks and should anyone get a debuff like Living Bomb or Any other debuffs, they will have to walk into water for 1 or 2 seconds mostly to get the debuff removed. be aware! staying in water for long will get you stunned. and boss also summons a Molten Giant which Melee Dps has to take out.4 - Ristzy : The main spell cast from this boss is : The World Destroyer and The closer you are to the boss, the less damage you take. ads get spawned and they need to be taken to the boss by the tank and dps them in there, along with a Sheep bot with a health of 100M that has to be taken out ASAP once it's spotted. there are chicken around who fear the people around them and you need to avoid em.

Tactics for First Part Of The Second Wing Bosses :

1 - the Space ? : Random mobs will be spawned around the " Azeroth " and a tank + an offtank should taunt em and kill em easily. The Blackwhole and the Collapsing Star will occure along with another ad and it's Living Conselation and should be killed . After killing the Blackwhole they will expload and do a shit ton of damage so they should be a avoided. The same method goes for Collapsing Star but you can't attack em so just gotta avoid being under em. The tanks are in charge of taking aggro as soon as the appear and should they fall, the mobs will one shot anyone.

2 - the Confused Raiders : The main tank will tank the whole raid except 3 : Priest + Warrior And Paladin. The OT will taunt The pally but will use a spell to taunt the warrior since warrior keeps silencing the tank constantly and a Ret Paladin has to tank the Priest and take it away from the raid so it doesn't fear everyone. the priorities are as follows : The healers, then range will focus Jinha ( The Paladin ) and after that you can kill anyone that raid leader marks.

Tactics for Second Part Of The Second Wing Bosses :

3 - Chillich : This boss is known for being an asshole and a total Bitch toward anyone possible so ... tank should not lose aggro At all or an instant wipe awaits . He casts a spell that sets the Ice blocks. Some people will become Ice blocks so they're safe but anyone who is not should go hide behind those who are to keep themselves from the AoE cast that Chillich does. another spell is Blizzard and when it's casted everyone will go behind the boss and near the door. On the Necromancery Phase range will stay on Boss while the melees will dps and OT will take aggro. Among the mobs there's Soul Weaver who fears the raid and it's urgen that it's taken out immediately.

4 - Grommash Hellscream : A hunter should stay away from the raid and dps from far. The boss has 2 stances : Battle stance + Berserker. when Battlestance is one everyone will dps the boss and when the boss is about to cast the AoE ( Perhaps the name is Thunder Clap) everyone should stay far. The damage isn't much and won't one shot anyone but it enrages the boss so it's best to avoid and if you do not you'll make the job of tanks and healers hard and might lead to a wipe. On the Beserker Stance everyone will gather at 1 point except the hunter. The boss will rush to hunter and does Whirle Wind it only affects hunter so the whole raid won't take insane damage and the healers won't fail.

Tactics for Third Wing Bosses :

1 - Tree Of Life : This boss requires 2 tanks. 1 For ads, 1 For the boss. The boss casts a healing touch and it should be interupted to avoid the heal but a shield will appear so it has to be taken out before anyone can interupt and the treants need to be killed as soon as they spawn. the amount of the healers that is required for this boss is only 2 since it's The easiest in Third Wing . And upon reaching the 13stacks the OT will swap place with the main tank.

2 - Tree Of Destruction : The tactics for this boss is the same as before but the boss casts and extra spell and it's the Living Bomb and shouldn't be Spreaded at all and should it happen, just spread once more to remove it. it needs 3 healers and 3 tanks. 1 for adds and 1 for stacks and stuff. It's important to watch your debuff to notice the Living Bomb and move away from raid. Maximum stacks for tanks to switch : 4

3 - Tree Of Death : Same as before but this time the one who is gonna take the boss off from the main for stacks doesn't specifically need to be in tank gear so like a Ret Paladin can easily Ot it for a second since It doesn't take long for the debuff to go off. the maximum stacks for this Boss is 4 because upon 5 stack the tank dies instantly . The boss will have a Death nova Cast and everyone should run from it or death will await em . A Debuff is for heals so the healers should heal it easily Just as Vol'jin in ToC that applies a debuff and should be healed to get removed.

The Tactics For Forth Wing Bosses :

1 - The Bling Daddy : 2 tanks + 2 Healers is required. 2Healers will stand near the both Cannons on the each side of the Room and will heal themselves completley. The boss drops a totem which needs to be avoided and The tanks will switch at 6 or 7 stacks max. the Ot will take the little Blings and put em in 3 lines and 3 spaces. keep in mind patience is required for this boss since it will be a Long fight .

2 - Muradin Bronzebeard : same as Bling Daddy but no more than 2 and there's no mobs to take or anything , and a main + off tank to take the boss on stacks which is 4 and that's pretty much it

The Tactics For Fifth Wing Boss :

1 - Yogg-Saron : The Most Tricky and Fucked up one and the only one at 5th Wing. Need 2 or 3 Healers ( depending ) Along with 2 tank . The raid will go around the circle killing each tenticle they see. everyone will focus 1 tenticle no matter what type. Once it ends and you're back to where you were at the door and couple of feceless adds will spawn and run toward the raid. this routine will happen 3 times and each time the adds that will spawn will be more and stronger. On the first round only normal facelesses, and on the second round normal facelesses with Corrupted facelesses and they should be taked out first. on the third round normal + Corrupted And Forgotten one and the priority of killing is First Forgotten, then Corrupted and then nomral ones .at the end everyone will dive into water and kill the boss. When boss reaches almost half her health she changes form and turn into Yogg-Saron and it should be burst down immediately . Tanks should have aggro of tenticles at all time and if anyone spreads from the raid and decides to kill a tenticle on their own will die real fast.
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