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Everything we know about League's newest champion, Pyke

Image via Riot Games

Riot posted a brand-new edition of Champion Roadmap in April, the semi-regular article series highlighting upcoming reworks, updates, and champions. The roadmap teased a brand new support champion with little to no details, and the League of Legends community's rumor mill spun into action. Since then, Riot has also revealed his official teaser trailer, which included his name, Pyke the Bloodharbor Ripper, as well as his general appearance.

His official reveal was published by Riot in May, including his abilities and splash art.

There have been other details included here and there from Riot that have hinted at some of his traits, abilities, and other characteristics. We've compiled a list of them all so you can be prepared for the official reveal, which is bound to happen soon.

Aggressive support

Image via Riot Games

Out of all the information we know about the new champion, the most important tidbits are those that reveal its theme as a champion in the current meta. According to the original post, it's going to be an aggressive, play-making support, much like Thresh or Alistar.

This means that the champion will likely have some sort of engage tool, like a gap closer or crowd control. Aggressive doesn't necessarily mean it'll only have play-making tools, too. It could also be referring to damage, which certainly sounds possible, and even probable, as Riot's Champion Roadmap article alluded to certain abilities the champion will likely have.

One or more of those abilities could be mind-control, or something similar to mind-control, which would certainly be a first for any League champ aside from the Charm mechanic that's already in the game. The line that hinted at mind control stems from the original article as well, where Riot said this new support champion could force enemies to "drown themselves by their own hands."

Guest appearance

Screengrab via Riot Games

The recent Riot-made hype video for the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational featured a special guest appearance by the new champion, and it was very frightening.

The video showcased stills of League champions and MSI contenders mid-battle in epic poses and fights. All appeared normal until the video reached its mid-point and panned to the scene with Janna. Lurking as a shadow in the misty water appears to be the newbie in all its dark, eldritch glory.

Riot did promise this champion would be darker and more sinister than most of the game's other champions, and judging by this preview alone, it certainly fits the bill. It looks like something plucked straight out of a horror movie, with the most obvious comparison being Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Be it sea monster, demon, shade, or something else horrific, it's definitely a breath of fresh air from the recent Zoe, Ornn, Xayah, and Rakan, who are all some combination of cheery, gruff, and lovable. Even Kai'Sa has that confident, go-getter attitude that was probably kick-started from her years trapped in the Void. This one, though, seems to be devoid of anything optimistic.

Pyke the Bloodharbor Ripper



Today, the new champion's official teaser trailer was revealed, including his name and appearance. Meet Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper. He's a walking nightmare.

Pyke is a scorned spirit, hellbent on judging and punishing the citizens of Bilgewater due to his old shipmates letting him drown without trying to save him, according to the video and its description.

Although the video didn't showcase his abilities or in-game get-up, it was packed with fish hooks, ghastly swords, and his absolutely horrifying face. We expect those fish hooks and swords will make an appearance somewhere throughout his abilities.

Full ability preview

Image via Riot Games

The final update to the Pyke saga came when Riot officially revealed his kit. League news site The Rift Herald also published a report detailing a major tool in his kit that Riot omitted from the official announcement. The tool is a health-to-AD conversion that occurs whenever Pyke gains bonus health. Rather than add more health onto his health bar, he gains more bonus AD, sort of like what happens to attack speed on Jhin.

Pyke will be a high-damage, high-mobility AD support champion–the first of his kind. His abilities are a blend of camouflage assassin kits, fighter kits, and Darius, if that makes any sense at all. His total inability to stack bonus health means he'll be extremely squishy, but the fact that he can buy cheap support items to deal more damage will help him keep up with solo laners without having to buy high-cost damage items right away.

For the full list of abilities and their descriptions, check out our comprehensive list.

Pyke should be released with Patch 8.11 in late May or early June.


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